Loan Closing Date: 05/04/2022
Funding Source: ACC
Loan Amount: $63,169
Location: Birmingham, AL

The small business enJOY Entertainment, LLC is a restaurant tour provider in Birmingham, Alabama. Operating as Eat.Drink.Ride.Food Tours, owner Cassandra “Joy” King introduces her guests to great local restaurants by way of her tour bus. Joy provides her guests with a great opportunity to come together for birthday celebrations, bachelorette parties, corporate events, and various other private gatherings.

Ms. King was raised in Mobile, Alabama and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in broadcasting from Auburn University at Montgomery. The idea to start her company sprouted from her activities as a radio host, interviewing local restaurateurs and creating food blogs. As a food blogger and TV host, she would feature new restaurants, quirky dining spots, and food festivals in Alabama.


Ms. King received financing from Sabre Finance, an ACC member and CDFI located in Birmingham, AL to purchase and rehabilitate three tour buses.  Sabre used proceeds from Appalachian Community Capital for some of the financing.

After being introduced to Sabre Finance, Ms. King demonstrated the viability of her business idea by inviting a team member from Sabre Finance on a food tour. After providing her guest with a wonderful experience, she was approved for a loan to finance her very first food tour bus.


Funding for enJOY Entertainment, LLC was important because the pandemic had a negative economic impact on restaurants in Birmingham.  Ms. King has worked to sustain business relationships with each restaurateur she chooses for her Eat.Drink.Ride.Food Tours. She is happy to share that her food tour business has become a reliable source of business for local restaurants, and she is very happy to provide memorable experiences for her food tour guests.

“Sabre Finance is the reason that my company is afloat, the reason I have a company today.” –

–Cassandra “Joy” King

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