Loan Closing Date: 6-06-18
Funding Source ACC: $50,000
Loan Amount: $50,000
Location: Hendersonville, NC

Kay FCH is a long-term adult care home for the elderly, disabled, and mentally ill. Owner Kudzai Mabunda founded Kay FCH to follow her passion for bettering her community through hands-on social work. Her business provides care for adults allowing them to live independently in a family-like setting. Each Kay FCH home houses six individuals and provides around-the-clock supervision and assistance, wellness programs, as well as companionship to its residents. With the assistance provided by Kay FCH, residents are able to maintain or increase their level of function.

Carolina Small Business Development Fund’s Role

After her success with her first Kay FCH home, Mabunda wanted to expand her business to aid to even more communities throughout Western North Carolina. She approached Carolina Small Business Development Fund hoping to secure capital needed to open more locations. The funding CSBDF provided Mabunda enabled her to renovate two homes in Forest City. These homes will soon become Kay FCH locations, providing adult care for even more communities.

Why This Project Matters

Kay FCH assisted living betters the community by providing care and a home to those who sometimes have no other option. Opening more locations will elevate the business’s positive community impact because increasing capacity allows it to improve quality of life for even more people. The business also provides employment for two individuals, and will soon hire more upon expansion.

“CSBDF gave me another chance as a woman with a small business. The ultimate goal is to continue to grow and be the best adult-care home business in the community.” ~ Kudzai Mabunda

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